Enderlin City Council.....
City Equalization meeting uneventful
By Ruth E. McCleerey
The Enderlin City Equalization Meeting that 
was held at the auditorís offices on Tuesday, April 
8th, was uneventful due to no taxpayers attending.
The meeting was opened at 7:00pm and was 
over by 7:15pm.
Joe Mathern, city assessor, presented the council 
members which included Shelly Hanson, Mike Jordet, 
Dean Torbenson and Mayor Deon Maasjo, with a list 
of the True and Full Value changes in assessments for 
the City of Enderlin.
All properties that experienced changes received 
notification of them and reminded they of the upcoming 
Equalization Meeting.
There were no changes on agricultural properties.
Residential property lots, tracts and leased sites had 
an increase of $11,200 and a decrease of $44,000. Buildings 
and structures showed an increase of $655,400, and a 
decrease of $67,500.
Commercial property changes were as follows: Lots, 
tacts and leased sites showed an increase of $4,300. Buildings 
and structures showed a decrease of $600.
Mathern reminded the council that the increases in 
property taxes was due to a 12 percent increase by the state. 
He also informed them that he would be reviewing assessments 
of business places some time this summer. They were not a 
part of the updated assessments recorded at this time.
In a motion to accept Mathernís findings was made by 
Torbenson and seconded by Hanson. In the approving vote 
Mayor Maasjo was required to vote because of a lack of a 
quorum due to the absence of council members Chris Sandvig 
and Kevin Bunn.

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