Ice Bucket Challenge Hits Enderlin
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge sweeping across  
America has hit Enderlin, ND.
This event is special to us as Kellie Lemna, an Enderlin 
Area resident who was born and raised here lived 
with ALS for 14 years before passing away in 
January of 2013.  
Many people have accepted the challenge 
and nominated friends and family to participae 
as well.  The amount of money raised across the 
country has grown daily.  
Three ladies at Maryhill Manor were challenged 
to the ALS Icebucket Challenge.  Carmen Aberle 
and Brittany White, therapists, were nominated by 
Gloria Trautman and Sheila Ripplinger, Director 
of Nursing, was nominated by a good friend.    
To the delight of Maryhill residents, the ladies 
completed the challenge at Maryhill at noon on Friday, 
August 22nd.  Everyone agrees it is very cold but well 
worth it!!

The ALS Icebucket Challenge was started as a way
to bring awareness to the disease and to get more people to 
donate to the cause.  People throughout the country are 
having a blast trying to come up with all sorts of ways to 
show one another up with the challenge.  Since July 29th 
and as of Monday, Aug. 25th, the challenge has raised well 
over $79 million dollars for the ALS organization.  
Itís easy to participate in the very viral video campaign:  
film yourself pouring a bucket of ice water over your head, 
then challenge a friend or frenemy to do the same within 24 
hours.  At first, the dousing would substitute for sending a 
check to the ALSA, but many participants now do both.  
Last week former President George @ Bush, actor Ben 
Affleck, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, and General Electric 
chief executive Jeff Immelt became the most recent famous 
faces to get soaked.  
The monies raised helps fight amyotrophic lateral 
sclerosis, a disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and 
spinal chord commonly referred to as Lou Gehrigís Disease.  
The eight figure sum far surpasses the $2.1 million ALSA  
raised in the same period last year, and more than doubles  
doubles the total revenue the organization generated all of  
last fiscal year ending January 2014; $24 milion, according
to its most recent 990 tax form.  
ALSA reported that it recorded $10.1 million on Wednesday, 
August 20th, 2014 alone.  To donate to the cause, go to 

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