Enderlin Area School Board.....
335 Students enrolled so far for 2014 School Year

By Ruth E. McCleerey
Superintendent Tom Rettig informed the Enderlin Area School Board, 
at their Tuesday evening, August 12th, meeting that currently there were 335 
children enrolled for the 2014 school year.  Attending the board meeting was 
chairwoman Cyndee Chesley, board members Sandi Bartholomay, Dan Billing, 
and Rick Gillund. Roland Schroeder was absent. There were three faculty 
members in attendance. They were Becky Crummy, Faith Fraedrichs, and 
Stephanie Hoy. Also attending was the Independent’s reporter, Ruth McCleerey.
The board took a look at Rettig’s current budget and reaffirmed that they 
wished to stay with board’s earlier decision to have 63 mills in the General Fund. 
They questioned the need to carry 10 mills in the building fund, and thought to 
lower it to 7 mills instead. Each mill carries a value of $13,350. 
Rettig reminded them that they do not have to make firm decision until either 
the September meeting or before October 10th. He said in his notes to the board 
that the school district’s valuation is projected to increase from $12,391,846 to 
13,330,126.  He reminded them that the law allows schools to increase the 63 
mills agreed upon by 12 percent or 7.2 milles which means we could go as high 
as 67.2 mills. Also, he said, schools are also allowed to assess 12 mills for miscell-
aneous expenses. 
The board approved the annual Compliance Report. This report verifies that 
the district is in accordance with statutory requirements which include the following:
1) All faculty is licensed to teach by the education standards.
2) Teacher classroom teacher is teaching only in those course areas or fields for 
which he or she is licensed.
3) The school meets all curricular requirements.
4) The school has been inspected by the state fire marshal and has no unremedied 
5) All individuals hired after June 30, 2011 have undergone a criminal history 
background check.
6) The school participates in and meets the requirements of a review process that 
is designed to improve student achievement.
Twenty-seven current policies were approved, on first reading, by a motion from 
Bartholomay, second by Gillund and approved in a roll call vote.
The board approved two tuition agreements (two students going to the Valley City 
district; two coming to the district from the Kindred  district and one from the Lisbon 
district), and also an open enrollment for a family of three students from Fort Ransom.
Rettig asked if the board still wanted to construct a sidewalk along the playground 
fence? He said that he had received an estimate for the job from DeFehr Designs in the 
amount of $6,168 for 235’ of 5 foot wide sidewalk. This sidewalk would make it safer 
for young children walking to school from this direction instead of walking in the street. 
The board approved this expenditure. Also discussed were other smaller problem cement 
areas which DeFehr could also do for the school district. 
The board reviewed the Commercial building and Personal Property Insurance 
Coverage under the State Fire and Tornado Fund. Rettig noted that the premium for the 
property insurance has been waived ($2,500) this year and that the school is only responsible 
for equipment breakdown coverage. The school’s total coverage has gone from approximately 
$17.5 million last July 1 to $19 millions, mainly due to the addition of the new windows.
Rettig, in his report, shared that there is a model to follow in the evaluation of the 
school’s principals and teachers which calls for more visitations. These evaluation initiatives 
will be implemented over the next two years.
Rettig also briefly gave an overview on Common Core. He said that the program results 
depends on what you put into it. It deals with curriculum, from the top down, and works to 
prepare our students for college or their desired futures. Common Core, according to Rettig, 
puts all schools on the same page for our students.
Rettig reported that the newly purchased coach bus last school year is still not here. He 
went to Bismarck to drive the unit back to Enderlin and a short way out of town, a light came 
on so he turned around and returned it to the dealer. During discussion, the board discussed 
that something needs to be done soon or more aggressive action needs to be taken by the board. 
The board is at a juncture where they would rather have a different  bus, rather than a ‘fixed’ bus.
In final business, Rettig invited the board to join the staff in grilling out Friday evening 
after the staff inservice.

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