Rainfall floods streets in Enderlin.
      Rumor has it that Enderlin received close to 4 inches of rain on 
Saturday evening and Sunday morning.  As the much needed rain 
started to fall, the sounds of thunder and the lightning show was 
something we hadnít heard nor seen in quite some time.  
      Farmers were happy to see the rain but the turenchial downpour 
was not something anyone anticipated.  Streets were flooded in areas 
all around the city and lightening strikes were noted to have hit also.  
        As you can see in the picture on the left, cars were stranded without 
any hopes of being able to move anytime soon.  The rainfall and standing 
water did receed however and everything was back to normal in no time.  
        Enderlin received another fair amount of rain throughout the night 
on Sunday night and early Monday morning.        According to the 
National Weather Service Forecast, rain is expected throughout the entire 

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