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10 Years Ago..................2004

Laura Mae Davidson, Enderlin, was the big winner of Jay’s Food Pride Jackpot of $1,000.  Jay Clauson presented her with a check on Monday, July 26th.  Davidson said she “never wins anything” so this was a complete surprise... a great surprise!
The Enderlin Lions Club and GFWC Study Club selected the yard of Tim and Kari Michaelson at 129 Ninth Avenue as yard of the week.
Monday evening, July 26th, members of the Enderlin-Sheldon Fire Department and EMS crew met at the firehall for a potluck supper and a guest speaker.
Tom Tomaino, a member of the MeritCare Lifeline crew, spoke on when to call them, how to do it and what to do before they arrive.  He told the group that the helicopter arrives with a pilot, nurse and a paramedic.
Tom, who is a very direct speaker, told the group that they should not hesitate to call for the Lifeline service.  Mant times a first response team, arriving at an accident have a ‘gut’ feeling that they should call for the helicopter, but hesitate.  Tom told them to call; they can always cancel.
The Fort Ransom Sodbusters Association is the recipient of the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department’s Cal Renner Award of Excellence.  The award was presented to the group by Doug Prchal, director of the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department, during last weekend’s Sodbusters Days at Fort Ransom State Park. 
20 Years Ago...................1994

“Its a day-by-day wait and see situation said Enderlin Farmers Elevator manager Roger Maras, when asked about how the Soo Line and United Transportation Union strike would and is affecting shipments.
Maras said the Soo Line has told him that they will be able to move grain for the elevator.  Maras said the area farmers have a lot of storage space and more than likely will hold their grain as much as possible, especially until the strike is settled
August 7-13 has been proclaimed “North Dakota Country Elevator Week” by Gov. Ed Schafer.  The proclamation serves as a timely reminder of the harvest season throughout the state.  “Country elevators are the primary business in many North Dakota communities,” the Governor said that they serve as the “first point of sale for most of our state’s crop production” and that “the prosperity of our state’s farmers, country elevators, and towns are closely tied together.”

30 Years Ago....................1984

Betty Krom had a golfing thrill of her life Saturday night when she hit a hole-in-one on #7 at the Enderlin Golf Course.  She made the 160 yard shot with a three-wood.  Betty was golfing with her husband Tom when she made the hole-in-one.
Laura Peterson, 11, the daughter of Dr. Andrew and Myrene Peterson, won three awards at the state 4-H horse Judging Contest held July 22 at the North Dakota State Fair in minot, N.D.
Laura is a member of the Happy Helpers 4-H Club.
She was the second high individual in the performance class and third high individual overall.
The Enderlin Indies amateur baseball team’s overall record stands at 14 wins and 7 losses after this past week’s action.
On Thursday evening, July 26, the indies traveled to Valley City to play one nine-inning game.  Enderlin was ahead by a 7-3 score until the eighth inning when Valley City erupted for five runs and held on to beat the Indies by a score of 8-7.  The Indies seven-hit attack was led by Jerry Bartholomay, who had two singles.
With no ready cash to do business, the town of Tenino, Washington issued wooden money in 1932.

40 Years Ago....................1974

The Trio Bar Men’s Softball Team has also been dong extremely well.  They won their 28 team invitational tournament a week ago last Sunday and also took first place in their League Tournament held last Sunday, July 28th in Enderlin.
enderlin’s Trio Bar Women’s Softball Team came home Sunday night with their trophy.  They won the fourth place trophy in the Women’s Slow Pitch closed Division Tournament held in Jamestown July 28th.
Enderlin celebrated Soo Line Day last week Friday and Soo Line outfits were worn by many merchants and their employees, including Ron VanDuesen and Maize Berglund, employees of Peoples and Enderlin State Bank.
Anthony Rinowski, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rinowski of Enderlin brought this strange little bullhead into the Independent.  He caught it in the Maple River and upon examination found that it had two mouths, one below the normal one.
Fiddler on the roof playing August 8,9,10,11 at 8:15 p.m. Lamoure County Memorial Park; Reserved-$2.50; Adults-$2.00; Students-$1.00.
Hal’s Red Owl Anniversary Sale!  Towels-.39 cents, Pepsi Cola 12 pack-$1.99, Peaches-.29 cents, Ice Cream-1/2gal.;.89 cents.
The Trio Bar Women’s Team took second wins from Joe’s Bar of Lisbon on July 15 here scoring 16-10 and from Gwinner 8-5 there July 17.
Their fourth loss of the season was to Anthony’s brought in 3 more runs in the top of the 7th inning and holding the Trio Bar to the final score of 4-1.

50 Years Ago...................1964

Professional entertainers Jack and Joy Holiday will make a one-night appearance in Enderlin next Wednesday, August 19.  The Holidays and their three children will entertain area residents at a program in the Enderlin high School Auditorium Wednesday evening, August 19, at 8 p.m.
Coast-to Coast: 30-6 Military: Box of 20-.99 cents; Sporting 150 GR.- Box of 20-$2.99  U.S. Springfield Model 1903 Rifle - $39.99; U.S Model1917 30-6 Sporter Rifle - shortened barrel, sporterized stock, sling swivels - $39.99; Work gloves - 4 pair for .87 cents

60 Years Ago....................1954

Rules covering the distribution of prizes at Enderlin Buck Days were changed at a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce Friday night.  Age limitations were removed, and the change was made retroactive.  The result was that two  first prizes were awarded for the first Buck Day.
Duane Geske, 11, whose name was called for the first prize at the initial Buck Day July 28 and who then was ruled ineligible because he was under 21, was given his prize of $60 in Enderlin Bucks Monday.
John Wentz, Chamber of Commerce secretary, personally delivered the prize to Duane  is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Geske, Jr.
After Duane was ruled ineligible, first prize was awarded to Mrs. Wilbert Kellermann of Sheldon.  Second prize of $30 in Enderlin Bucks went to Fred Timm of Enderlin, and the third prize of $10 worth of the trade certificates went to Mrs. Barney Berg of Nome.

80 Years Ago...................1934

To avoid the unpleasant odor that dish towels frequently acquire soak them in hot water to which a little ammonia has been added.
Bake your stuffed peppers in muffin tins instead of the usual baking dishes.  They’ll keep their shape better.
A cheap and excellent cleaner for removing grease and oil spots and other stains from clothing is a simple mixture of soap bark and water.  Soap bark at less than 25 cents a pound can be purchased at any drug store.  Use about a tablespoonful to a half pint of water.  Moisten a rag and rub the spot until it disappears.....This is cheaper than gasoline, has no odor and it isn’t inflammable.
Anyone who meets me on the street is advised to avoid asking, “How are you?”  I might very well tell him and he couldn’t stand it.  Only a farmer in harvest time could appreciate the sad story.
I always dread the time when we pull the combine out and start checking it over for the harvest.  There are such incredible numbers of bolts, belts, chains, pulleys, sprockets, gears and pins that need tightening and replacing.  They were all carefully placed by mechanical engineers trained in the science of obsolescence-you know-if a bolt breaaks, it is easier to buy a new combine than get it out and replace it.  A vast number of them require one person on the inside with a wrench to keep sthe bolt from turning.  Since I am the smallest available mechanics helper around, I always do at least one stretch flat on my stomach in the innards of the thing, straining to reach inaccessible nuts or shafts.
We thought every possible point had been checked and this morning dawned bright and warm.  My husband climbed up, started the motor, threw everything in gear and-Whomp-the arm cracked.  It only took an hour and one painful excursion into the interior of the thing to get it off, a trip to Lisbon for the part, another crawl inside and by 11:30 we were ready to roll.
My husband pulled into the field, went about 15 feet when a belt flew off, the sickle stopped and he discovered that the bracket that holds the pitman and a few assorted pulleys had cracked off.  The things he said!
He drove home got all the bolts out and pulled out the offending bracket, went to town and got it welded and by three o’clock we were once again in the field.
You probably won’t believe this, but less than a quarter of a mile into the field everything plugged up and and he discovered all the teeth stripped off a sprocket that costs about $35 to replace.  Come to think of it, you hadn’t better ask him how he is either!
If Hitchcock is looking for a sequel to “The Birds”, he might very well start here.  Everything that digs and hops has zeroed in our place.  All spring, I have fought a losing battle with the pocket gophers who have excavated our yard until I am afraid to walk across it for fear of dropping into one of their tunnels.  A mighty trapper, I’m not, and when I catch one it is either an accident or a very stupid gopher.
To add to the fun, we have cotton-tails who multiply like rabbits.  They have kept my peas clipped of close to the ground, devoured all my pansies and threaten to come right into the house for a handout.  Their only utility is to exercise the dog.  He chases them constantly, but like me and the gophers, he seldom catches one.
I was scarcely surprised there-fore on Saturday morning when we awoke to find a big badger hole by the front door.  It figures!  And when I heard the news report that Bismarck had an invasion of flying black beetles, it was no news-so have we.  They dive bombed us all night.  Something is out to get us!

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