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Senior News by Marlyne Skramstad
4 Tables of Whist were in play July 1.  Winners were:  
1st: Roy Neumann, 2nd:  Doris Aspelund, Low:  Edmund Storhoff
6 Ladies played Hand and Foot.
Monday, June 30, Merlin and Vivian Skramstad and Marlyne
Skramstad were in Lisbon.  Merlin went to the eye doctor.  When he
finished, they all went to the Veterans Home.  They visited Merlin’s
sister, Vivian Bjerke and also visited Vivian’s brother Ken Wallner.  
The Senior Center had 14 members at the business meeting held
Wednesday, July 2 at 1 P.M..  Several items of business concerning the
Center were taken care of in the line of maintaining the building.

Valley News by Irene Hoenhause
My ackin back do not put on a wig today as the wind blew itself into
a dangerous session.  Some on the highway were shoved in the ditch.  No rain
came in this Valley today but Saturday as this rover hit the trail by the drug store, 
she parked and the rains came in full force so she sat in the car but then decided 
rain never hurt anyone so in she went and got her needed package.  Thanks to the
workers for their friendly attitude at White Drug.
Irene woke up about four and no lights.  If they never came on there would not be
much of use in this house.  Seems this thirty foot chokecherry tree with its six  other 
partners went crashing to the ground and taking electric wires with it.  No one else 
was without juice.  A call was put in to the REA Office and a crew was dispatched to
this yard in record time.  Son Harv got the John Deere tractor and its loader getting
the huge trees pulled  and moved off the spot so the electric men could move their truck 
close to get the wires back up.  They worked in steady rain and did not grumble so its 
thanks to them.
62 years is a long time but here is Roy and Lorraine Chesley celebrating Sunday at Beverly
Ann where they now reside in Lisbon.  Congrat. to the happy friendly couple who moved 
from Oakes.  While in Oakes they both put a run on fish.  They were good at making a delightful 
platter of the delectables Roy ran a meat market in Oakes and also in Fort Ransom when they
lived there.  He could come out and butcher a pig or steer in record time.
Following many surgeries for both of them they decided to move to a place where work was
 at a minimal and an opening appeared at Beverly Ann.  This rover did not know about the celebration, 
however, she and Roy were involved in music plays in Fort Ransom where he stayed shy of Irene even
tho he was a “Buffalo Hunter” or something in robes with Snori Thorfinson in charge at King of the
Mountain Hill.  Irene and Ilene were getting that gang out of the woods as he carried off the Gunsmoke
bride and would not let Irene give him a sock in the head.  She finally held her hand on the side of
the head and slashed a blow to her hand saving him.  He hasn’t forgot that play and no one else will
either.  Irene happened to saunter into Beverly Ann to see Alice Hiegelke and ran into Roy  with party
lunchers in full swing with cake and ice-cream.  She was talked into staying and partaking of cake.  Then
down to the piano room where past life was brought forward and joy filled the air.   Madison Anderson 
granddaughter of the Chesleys and also Elaine and Zoop Anderson grandchild was asked by Irene to lead
in a Joy song.  Bashful but smiling she came forward and led the group.  Thanks to her, she could make an
actress,  Then this rover called up the Anniversary couple to relive a wedding promise with the song
“Let Me Call You Sweetheart.”  They stood by the piano with Irene and everyone singing the song.  Then 
down the track they went to “When the Saints.”  The only thing much different now than twenty years ago,
they had Irene yodel, can you see a Pastor asking for that?  She did did it with clapping but of course twenty
years can make it a difference in quality.  More songs thrown at her making it a fun time.
The Chesley family were present and they were LaRoy Chesley wife Nancy Chesley, all of Oakes, 
Jane Anderson, husband Randy Anderson, son Jake Chesley Madison Anderson all of Valley City, N.D. 
 Lanette Calkins and husband Tom from Fargo, N.D..  Several family and friends including their 
bridesmaid attended the event.  Many songs were run thru with them naming them, old and new until 
it was hand shaking time for this rover.  May the couple enjoy Beverly Ann where this rover with Arnie
plays three Fridays out of the month for church--with a Pastor or without.  Thanks to all that came to 
help them celebrate--they are a jolly couple to get to know.
There were Linda and Pastor Norm Anderson wheeling along from the Gwinner surrounding flooded
area and no hammer.  If the water on the road got any deeper, they thought they would have to break a 
window out.  They slipped into Lisbon and Pastor made his way to Beverly Ann for a good sermon on
following the Lord when things don’t seem right.  Irene and Arnie were shooting notes thru the air 
not worrying about water sifting in the Lisbon area.  Thanks to all that came Mary Andersons daughter
for handing out the sheet music.  When everyone helps it makes a great service.
, Gabriel, and Justina employed by NDVH.  A picture was taken by Brenda but this rover has not
received it yet.  Welcome people!
Justine Nieves brought family from California---Nelson and Frances Estrada Nelson is a retired Navy
personality and wanted to see the NDVH.  Pastor John gave them the tour and they were happy with it
and stated they are now ready to reserve their room.  Justine hubby Joey Nieves, has three children 
Wild life with the Lisbon Gospel Trio went on at Maryhill last Wednesday for the birthday 
party of the month.  Pastor John read the birthdays and they were Jeannie McCluskey, Martha Starr, 
Harold Dokken, Bradley Foertsch and Arnie went on his bass and Irene on the piano for salutes to the
birthday kids.  The fiddle was in tune and many old tunes were dug up and the three went into them
with gusto with a great crowd.  Arnie did his solos or duets whichever the tune stated plus Arnie and
Pastor John had their songs ready to sing.  Thanks for all coming.
Thank you Wanda Mogck of 500 Jackson Ave. Apt. 104, Lisbon for the report of the Laporte couple
killed in a head crash on Hwy 71.  Phyllis Furan Carlson was a school mate of this rover at Oakes, her
husband was James Carlson.  Sympathy to the family of a couple whose lives were taken so suddenly
when they tried to avoid another vehicle which swerved and tried to get back on his trail, hitting the 
couples car and both being totaled nine miles south of Bemidji, both died.
Picking mushrooms it was when Milton Bartell showed this rover the good ones.  There were 
hundreds of them next to some trees and unmowed grass which kept them going.  Mom Alice got up to visit 
with this rover.  She states her life trail is headed downward but she can stand even tho her back is gone down
the lane.  Her boys take care of her, Jim and Milton and are doing a great job.  Alice can still visit and she still 
writes articles and really looks great.  Keep it up boys and Alice, keep smiling.  Parkinson is also something she 
would like to shed.  They tend chickens, goats, sheep so there they have food just to go get it, plus a large garden 
and fruit trees surrounding their acreage.
There was Tiff and Spencer Hoenhause slipping into this rovers home anad giving the “ruggettes”
a going over--those made from blue jeans.  Tiff has a gorgeous garden and yard on Rock Hill with tomatoes
getting a size to them and sweet corn over knee high.  She is busy painting for the area and does a great job.  
Spencer close to 3 loves to be a farmer with his Dad Andy, “O’dear him on a 4-wheeler, a heart lurch.
According to Audrey Lester she is hoping to put her twenty five acres up for sale even tho it is a
beautiful place at Colville, WA.  with her gorgeous home.  Her Marine stepgrandson is being deployed 
to the Persian Golf on board a ship and be gone eight or nine months so pray for him and the rest.  Her 
brother Roger Lester is in Saudia working as well as his son.  Their families are heading that way to live 
also--not Service but jobs.
What a party Carter Hoenhause had for his birthday at his Dad Andys home Harv Hoenhause, Sophie, Brandon 
and Carter Hoenhause Sheldon Feland and Irene, Hadley McDaniel, Dexter Hoenhause, Wyatt Fraase, Jody Hoenhause,
Laray Moe, Curly Martinson Deckwhout Congrat to Carter who stated, I am 12 now and in a few hours will be 13.
Christy Hoaby Swercycek stated they had six inches of rain last week, with flooded basements.  A 
twenty nine year old man drove his car into a flooded ditch and lost his life.  Now Curt at Lisbon Body Shop
in Lisbon told of water around Hankinson and other places in that area.  So everybody beware.  Curt is a 
friendly person working at the body fixing shop a long time and told this rover where to go at that beautiful fixed
up place and whom to see.  It was the owner, Stacey Haecheral.  She took a look at the crack in this rovers 
van where Sunday evening a white car shot by her and hurled a stone in her windshield.  This rover found 
out her husband is Fred Haecheral son of Mary and Joe.  He works at Bobcat, gets done and hits the trail 
to help his wife at the Body Shop.  They have two daughters Tenya and Kyra.   Stacey bought the business from
her folks, Tom and Lana Oslie.  Oh, my gosh, in comes her Mom Lana so Irene got to see what she looked like,
too.  Anyway Irene went out of there with a windshield as good as new.  Stacey has been there a couple years
and this rover would recommend it.  Also while waiting for the job to be completed, in comes Pam Cole a nurse
at the Veterans Home 22 years.  A friendly spirited gal with a daughter Stacy working at the Grog Shop and also
friendly and ready to visit, with zip.
Alice Hiegelke was very happy when the beautiful shawl came to her at Beverly Ann from Trinity Church
with Ruth Carlblom doing the delivering.  She thanks everyone for the visits and kind words also and those that
have helped her.  She attended Roy Chesley’s 62nd Anniversary Sunday and also attended Church there on Friday.
 Also a thank you to Bob Elijah for the things he has helped with.
There was Carol Jenkins calling.  She is in Kindred with her huge but now ready to bring the word of God
to churches or places such as homes if they call her.  She has traveled from Newville, PA with three other ladies. 
 Her phone number is 717-776-5847 if you  would like to hear her Creashon Ministries.  She will be at the Veterans 
Home July 7 - 2 P.M. Lisbon and Fort Ransom Church Sunday 6th at 10:30.  If you see a huge bus floating 
around and kind of lost, help them out.   They do not charge but a donation will be accepted.
There is a super biotic gal that can make you pant as she tells of her work in and out of the huge home in
Enderlin.  This is Denise Menge who lost her husband a couple years ago as his afflictions got so he had to live
at the beautiful home Maryhill.  They were farmers, built a new home on the acreage.  When the kids were grown,
they purchased a home in Enderlin and the kids took over her yard is humendous and would you believe she 
mows it with a push mower in amongst all the gorgeous flowers?  She makes beautiful quilts and other things
but unrolled them to show this rover the ones she has in her home before she gives them away, to kids and church. 
 She has grand kids also so lot of them will relish her stay-at-home work when they get her work of art.  

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