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Senior News by Marlyne Skramstad
3 tables of Whist were in play August 12th and 
6 ladies played  hand and foot. Whist winners were:  
1st: Dolores Lunneberg, 2nd: tied, Ethel Cramer and 
Roy Neuman and Low: Carol Hockersmith.
4 ladies played golf Wednesday, August 13th.  Edie 
Steinhaus, Paulette Torbenson, Betty Flatt and Marlyne 
Skramstad.   Felt like the “past” years when there were 
many more fours-somes out!
On Thursday,  Aug. 14, Margo Wegner hosted a 
coffee party for her friends at the Traxside. Notice:  For 
those renting the Senior Center in the future please call 
Marlyne to get you scheduled.  Also, a deposit will be 
required in advance.
Memorials:  For; Kaye Green, From: Marlyne 
Ruth Christiansen is back in her home after a 3 
month stay at Maryhill.  Daughter Audrey is staying 
with her mother for awhile to make sure Ruth behaves 
Valley News by Irene Hoenhause
Combining was on at this place with one field, the rest 
too wet.  This rover brought lunch out to the young workers 
from 10 to 16 running all the combines and grain wagon.  
Their Dad emptying the trucks and standing on top of the truck 
taking pictures.  A gal said it was too dangerous for the young 
blood.  My answer was, it is alot safer in those combines than 
those four wheelers going at top speed around this house.  
Combines travel pretty slow in comparison.  If you worry about 
everything that can happen, you would sit in a chair and then it 
may break and you tumble out and break a leg.  The sliced 
pickles were a hit.  Pokey Lukes and and his wife know how to 
raise gardens with wonderful veggies--cabbage that cracks as you 
eat it.  The cukes came from them and the dill so four ice-cream 
pails of sliced cukes are what they eat in the field with their 
sandwiches.  Brandon Hoenhause asked for them before the cukes 
were a glint in the eye.
What a wonderful program with two talented girls Melody
and Violet Sparks from California put on Monday at the Veteran’s 
home.  They sang and played the piano at intervals.  They’ve been 
cued in since they were walking. Arnie Amundsen hooked up all his 
amps, mikes and what not as the Veteran’s Home does not have  
even a mike stand so this rover leaves hers there.  This put the 
flourishing touches to the gals as they performed.  Their folks Nancy 
and Lee Sparks were there and the Dad made sure things were on 
the up and up with the mikes, etc., along with Arnie.  Their 
Grandparents Clint and Bernadine Sparks Discovery Bay, CA., 
were there also.  They own a farm by Alice, ND so come home 
every summer to get the feel of ND.  The girls had never performed 
in N.D. before.  It is thanks to them for coming although there was a 
reason as they have relatives living at the home by the name of Irene 
is it a great, great Aunt or something like that?
Alethe Krause and her family has moved to South Dakota but 
what a trip from Nampa, ID.  They spent time at Alethe’s son Mike’s 
for a few days, at daughter Nolas a length of time at Meridian, to 
Spokane to spend time with a friend and her 88th birthday came into 
being so spent it on the road with friends supplying ice-cream and 
even a cake.  There were four of them packed in a Toyota Alethe, 
Helen Noahlea and Mattie but all went well and now settled.
Sunday Arnie and Irene swooped into the Veterans home for 
church.  In comes Pastor Norm as music was ringing out.  His sermon 
detailed five loaves of bread and two fish and it turned out fine even 
tho a bingo club came in at the time church was to be so church was 
on at three o’clock.
Oh, my Ackin’ back--here it is August 12, and the furnace took 
off with the 60 degree temp.  Now the sun is out in full force and no 
rain.  Crops are wilting but the Sunflower field of Andy’s makes you 
feel you have died and gone to Heaven when you sit and glorify in its 
beauty.  Billions of yellow heads and may rain come to get them to finish 
their maturity.
Reading is this rovers love and sometimes you run into the 
unbelievable.  Irene has one cat which is too much but this couple read 
the National Enquirer where a contest was held to see who had the most 
cats in their home.  They won with 130 cats.  Soon everyone was bringing 
more from all over America and Canada.  They now have over 600 
costing over $300 a day to feed them.  They received recognition and 
money from cat lovers.  Both the couple work in a painting industry to 
keep up even with the donations.  It takes 150 cans of cat food plus 30 lbs. 
dry food and ten quarts of milk a day.  Here comes Christmas and a 
dozen twenty pound turkeys go down the hash plus some roasts.  Friend 
Alice gave this rover a sack of litter and this couple uses 30 pounds of kitty 
litter each day.  They stated cats weren’t put on this earth to be put to 
sleep but you should be able to take care of them like a child or don’t have 
them.  Now there is some problem with neighbors as allergies arise.  The 
couple state they just love them regardless of the vet bills and food costs 
and maybe their bed is full so you have to find another place to sleep but 
they state, “We love them”.
Two ants were running across a page in a magazine.  “Why do we 
have to run so fast?”  “Can’t you read, said the one in front,” it says, 
tear along the dotted line.  Well there were Carter and Dexter Hoenhause.  
This grams told them to pick up that small tire as she was cleaning brush 
disorder.  They looked at it and saw thousands of ants and they were gone-- 
grams had to let the ants find another location and the tire went in the 
garbage hole to be burned.
There was church at Parkside and LAHS with Arnie and Irene putting 
music in the air and the sound of it brought the residents in.  Then in comes 
the Pastor Norm Anderson with his usual great sermons.  He has been on 
the go many years and does a super job as Pastor and may the Lord not shut 
him down.  Pastor Norm was visiting with this rover about retiring and the 
summation was, if either one did they would probably be heading for the 
here-after sooner than if they kept going.  Irenes 52 years or more is a speedy 
one the same as his preaching and it is hard to slow down or refuse all that 
call for that simple melody even with no notes or paper such as Monday at 
the Vets Home when probably an hour went on with a couple residents 
throwing tunes to play.  They were missed but not the “cattle call”--Blue 
Danube and The Lords Prayer which she knows but the notes would be 
better.  So much for life. 
Yup; there was Ilene Larson cleaning gizzards and sharing with this 
rover.  Her Hutterite friends saw to it she had them plus a lot of other 
things they make out at the colony.  It is thanks to them as they steam 
into Ilenes cabin for visits.  Ilene zipped to this rovers and a great visit 
took place as they ate a lunch of crackers and cheese with ice-cream.  
She came so quickly this rover did not have a chance to fix the ultimate.  
She found chokecherries and made delicous syrup and jelly, jars by the 
dozens.  One came to this house but the cherries are scarce as hens teeth.  
You have to really hunt.  It is the year or spring frost?  There were 
thousands of blooms.  Irenes cherry trees went down plus two apple trees 
with the horrible wind.  Apples lay there in sad shape with no Mom to 
encourage them to mature.  With the dry conditions you dare not burn 
so the helpless trees will stay until some rain comes.
This rover stopped in to say Hi to the Orville Hansens and brought 
him a magazine.  He likes the country type so if you have any laying 
around remember him.  Thanks to them for Irenes birthday gift giving 
her more ideas of letter writing which she likes.  Now there are two 
more birthdays in September, Tim Bartell of rural Gwinner and 
Maryann Bartell.  Happy Day to them when it arrives.  
There were Christy Hoaby Swerczek and hubby Tony spending 
sometime in the Smoky Mountains.  They stayed at Pigeon Forge then 
in a cabin in the side of a mountain.  She states too many tourists and 
traffic a nightmare.  At their home they got 6 - 1/2 inches of rain
seeping into their basement with a lot of work to repair it.  Chris thinks 
she would rather live in a condo and let someone else have the worries.  
Chris joined a Big-Brother Sister program and is now painting pottery.  
She has an eleven year old girl named EVELYN AS A SISTER. 
Longfellow states talent of success is nothing more than doing 
whatever you do without a thought of fame.  If it comes at all, it will 
come because it is sought after.
Melody Puhr who is an activity director at Maryhill is a friendly 
soul and fun to visit with.  She remembers a person for playing and 
birthdays which is a big plus and may she be at the home a long time.  
There is Marie Boeder who makes sure she comes to the players to 
get her song and a very pleasant person to visit with and we will play 
her song whenever asked.  “This World Is Not My Home”.
The Duo slipped to Maryhill for church Tuesday and there came 
Pastor Jewel with a great sermon and music to match.  There is a 
great singing group there thanks to all that came for making it the 
Lords joy.
Kathleen Jodsaas and her daughter Louise and Louises daughter 
Nicole with baby son Micah were visitors at the Orville and Alice 
Hanson home Thursday afternoon, August 7th. 
There was Sally telling of her friend Abe and stated he was vain 
to the point of “megalomania”.  Thank Heaven for dictionaries--it 
means mental disorder when a person thinks himself great or exalted 
or plain exagerates.   
Sheldon News by Marie Boeder - Bartholomay

It sure has been hot here at Maryhill Manor.  It is too hot to sit outside 
and watch the cars, trucks, pick-ups go flying by.  The trains also have a 
loud whistle.  Very cloudy - forecast people say could be thunder boomers 
and rain. 
Went on a field trip to Maryvale near Valley City.  What beautiful 
place it is.  The nuns were so gracious to see us!  Wonderful food was served.  
We got a tour of the building and thier beautiful yards and then a beautiful 
lunch.  We left very happy and returned to Maryhill Manor in time to play 
the corn game - won a few prizes - then went to the garden party at Laurie’s.  
What a fun time.  Met a lot of friends from the Veteran’s Home.
Leon Bartholomay from Longmount, Colorado was a recent visitor of 
Marie Boeder and Marion Thompson and had a good visit with many of my 
friends that I know at the Veterans Home.
Then on Sunday, my friends looked me up in their car and away we went 
to the Redhawks game and it was very windy but enjoyed the game!  Of course, 
the food was very good!  Came home and was very tired.  I am ready to go again.  
Met my sister Vickie who lives in Fargo, was a good day!  
Kyle and Liz Boeder and little Bayla from Casselton, brought a big sub 
and it was so good! 
Now have ran out of news so must stop.  Hope every body has a good day! 

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